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Various Infographics designed for web and print. I used Adobe Illustrator to create these static graphics. For interactive infographics, check out my UNICEF project.

Some of these graphics were created as a part of a course at the University of Miami. For these, I chose and researched my own topic and the data the I used.

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As part of their coverage of the 2014 U.S. Midterm elections, Univision Noticias partnered with the University of Miami School of Communications. A team of undergraduate and graduate students created data visualizations for publication on, its political blog Pol16, and its official Twitter account. I participated as a member of this team, working individually and in groups to generate clear and accurate visualizations of incoming data to be published in real-time on, Univision's political blog (Pol16), and Twitter.

All of the infographics can be found on Pol16.