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The project was to develop the concept and identity for a Thai street food eatery serving small dishes and snacks; a place that would carry the bright flavors of Thai food and have a more casual atmosphere of street market food stalls.

In developing this identity, I looked at images of Thai street markets, food stalls, Thai signage, cities, and foods. My development of the logo was inspired by the curves and angles of typography from Thai market and neon signs, and the final logo alludes to the neon signs that could be found hanging above the busy nighttime streets.

The forms and colors of the brand also draw from street sights: The "daytime identity" is lighter and the pattern elements resemble market stand umbrellas from up above. The "nighttime identity" contrasts with a dark base and a pattern built from neon sign shapes and colors as well as ingredients like kaffir limes, birds-eye chiles, and curry pastes.

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